Sept 2017 tour of Germany, Austria and Italy.

Info on Sept 2017 tour –

Day One – Arrive in Munich Airport, Germany. We meet you and get you to your hotel so you can do what we all want to do after a long flight, a shower and a snooze. There are a few flights that arrive mid afternoon and we would suggest using those so you can get yourself on the local time zone asap so you are right to enjoy the next day. If you are feeling up to it we’ll organise you some dinner.

Day Two – Enjoy your first continental breakfast of this trip. Beautiful pastries, fruit, cold cuts, breads, juices, coffee and nothing from a packet. European hotel breakfasts are a treat if you are used to the packet orientated breakfast offerings of the US and some Australian affordable overnight stays.

Mid to late morning we’ll get the group together for our first briefing on driving from the left and then head off to pick up your performance car of choice. Having dealt with the paperwork we’ll head off onto some lonely country roads around Munich and get comfortable with mirror image driving. Further discussion re driving LHD drive cars can happen over a lazy late lunch, followed by a quick squirt up the autobahn back to the hotel for a great Bavarian style dinner out in Munich.

Day Three – Okay lets head south and soak up the foothills of the Alps, then Austria, closely followed by a drive over the Grossglockner Pass. If you are not familiar with the Austrian alps prepare to have your jaw hit the floor around every second corner. This is very dramatic country and the roads are simply superb. Today finishes in the Italian Alps for a 2 night stay, ready for an all day speed through the Dolomites on day 4.

Day Four – Today is a 250km cruise through the UNESCO listed Dolomites. Taking in some of the best known and little known mountain passes you will enjoy twisty roads, spectacular sights and mountain villages..

Day Five – We head south through the Dolomites again (but on different roads to yesterday) towards Venice. By mid afternoon we will be in Mestre which is the town on the mainland adjacent to Venice and will be our home for 2 nights.

Day Six – A rest day for those who feel they need it or a day of tramping around the laneways of Venice for those that don’t. For for those who can’t get enough driving we could head off in any direction and find interesting country and things to see.

Day Seven – Lets head South West towards Modena and take in the Ferrari Museum, and then further south through some hilly roads and our next two night stay near Misano Raceway.

Day Eight – If you are not a fan of motorcycles ripping through corners at lean angles well in excess of 45 degrees and doing 320kph down the straights my assistant can take you on a tour through various hillside villages for a relaxing drive and lunch. For the rest of us we will be at Misano taking in the MotoGP and all the theatre that comes with it.

Day Nine – Time to head into Tuscany. It might be the most spoken about Region in Italy but it is for a good reason. rolling hills, golden light, wonderful wines and food, oh and very enjoyable meandering hilly roads. We are heading in the general direction of Pisa for a two night stay in a Agriturismo (farm stay).

Day Ten – Spend today roaming through Tuscan villages, enjoying a lazy lunch, soaking up the atmosphere and just being in awe of the beauty of this wonderful area. Oh and yes a look at the leaning tower I suppose.

Day Eleven – Its time to head North (and home annoyingly…) via some amazing sites. Today we head through a mountain road with few tourists, across the Po Valley and finish up near Lake Garda.

Day Twelve – Today is the day… Stelvio pass, a brief drive through Switzerland (a hell of a road though) and a night in an Austrian hotel.

Final Day – It might be the last day of the tour but its still a ripper. Neuschwanstein Castle, more mountain passes and a pleasant German drive back into Munich. Very much completing a spectacular drive on a high!

What next? – You’re in Europe! So many places to go. Make your airfare pay and spend some more time looking around Europe before getting back on the plane for the dreaded return flight.

What is included –

13 Nights of high quality accommodation.
13 Excellent breakfasts.
3 Dinners including soft drinks.
1 Lunch.
12 Days of near new car rental.
Entry to the 2017 Misano MotoGP.
Entry to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.
Pick up and return to Munich Airport.
Use of a phone with local SIM and a GPS with all day routes installed.
Two tour guides familiar with the routes used.
Advice and assistance with any aspect of your amazing adventure.

What is not included –

Fuel – allow $600 approx per car
Most dinners and lunches – allow approx $300 pp
Alcohol – allow ?? Great beer and wine is cheap!
Tolls – allow $75 per car
Travel insurance – allow $125 pp
Airfares to get yourself to Munich – allow $1600 pp

Costs –

There are a number of ways the tour can be priced depending on whether you are travelling with a friend or partner, whether you are sharing a room and of course your choice of car.

Entry level is $2999 per person sharing a car, and a double room and with the use of a Audi TT, A3 cabrio, Opel Cascada cabrio, BMW 3 series or VW Scirocco.

Please contact me regarding full pricing details on alternate vehicle choices and single accommodation deals. You will be very pleasantly surprised at the affordability of driving an M3 on some of Europe’s best roads for 11 days.

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