Q How many people or cars would be on a tour?
A Between 4 and 6 cars maximum with potentially up to 4 people in any one car. Most will have one or two though so an average tour should consist of 5 cars and maybe 10 people plus myself and assistant and our car.

Q Can two mates have their own cars but share a room to keep the price down?
A Yes indeed. Contact me for pricing.

A So how does it work? Are we all driving along in a group, sharing cars or something??
Q Its fairly straight forward. We have a tour very carefully planned out to include the best roads, sights, attractions, overnight stops (almost always 2 nights in the same hotel). When you book you choose your preferred car. That car will be yours (and your partner’s/friend if you aren’t driving solo) for the length of the trip. It will be rented in your name, with your credit card. We will give you a GPS and a phone with local SIM so you have all the daily courses and if you do get lost you can give me a call and we’ll find you. This is assuming you don’t want to follow along behind the guide car which you are welcome to do. If you want to stop though for whatever reason you can is my main point and the GPS will keep you following the group even if it is at a distance. Lunch and of course overnight stops are fixed and you will catch up then. So travel at your own speed, forget about any navigation hassles, enjoy the drive and leave all the organising up to us.

Q I have never driven on the other side of the road. I would love to drive a A45 AMG or similar fantastic car but feel like I won’t enjoy it as much driving a LHD version.
A Good question and yes it will take a day or two before your brain adjusts fully but we will brief you before picking up the cars in Munich on a few handy hints on driving from the other side. Then once we have possession of the cars we’ll head onto some lesser used roads for you to get comfortable before heading off on the actual tour the next day. Interestingly the AMG you mention is a DSG/auto transmission so that’s one less thing to concern yourself with. In fact my experience would suggest smoothly operating a H pattern gearbox is the thing that takes the longest to get right (a day or two as mentioned above before you will get as slick as you are when driving a RHD vehicle). I wouldn’t worry too much, by the end of the tour it will feel weird to jump back in a RHD car!

Q Do we all eat together in the evening or can I eat where ever?
A One reason dinner is mostly not included is so if you want to wander off on your own adventure you can. No obligation at all. A Euro Drive Experience tour is not a heavily organised bus tour style rush from one box ticking sight to the next. It is a much more leisurely drive where you are in control and get to enjoy fully the amazing roads we travel, at a speed you feel comfortable and stopping when and if you want. We book most hotels for two nights so the day between is potentially a rest day or at least a ‘take it easy day’ if you feel like it.